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    How To Catch a Lot Of Fish

    A Mother Ship, Two Boats with a Big Net and a Spotter Plane. Have the plane spot the school of fish, circle the school with a net. Then pull the mother ship beside and suck up all the fish with a Vacuum Hose.
    I was out test driving one of my Jet Skis that just had a new motor installed and saw a couple of the Menhaden Boats out Reedville Va. working on the Bayside Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Here are a couple pictures I took while out on the water and a couple at my house.

    My Yamaha SUV 1200 Ran great with its new engine!

    Had a real pretty sky after a couple showers rolled thru late in the day. My backyard view of the Chesapeake Bay.

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    Brian, what do you keep your camera gear in when you're out on the water?

    Great shots as usual.

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