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    Replacing my 07 RXT- What should I get

    I have a 2007 RXT 215 and I am looking for an upgrade. I am torn between 3 options and I was hoping you all could help me out points pros and cons between the models.

    1: 2011 RXT 260
    2. 2011 RXT 260 IS
    3. 2011 RXT-X AS 260

    I do most of my riding in the river / long island sound and most of the time have my wife on the back. With that in mind i was focusing in on the suspension skis. With that said, I am looking for an all around ski that comfortable for the wife, yet fun to throw around when shes not on.

    Thanks for the help.

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    you wont throw around a suspension ski
    they way as much as non suspension ski and your wife....empty
    then when you want to work on it..good luck

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    That TX looks the most appealing.

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    Either of the suspension ski's will be good for your passenger. Lol now that I am older and more fragile I definitely prefer the suspension ski and every passenger who rides with me or my wife prefers the ride by far. Course they are heavier and harder to work on by far.

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    I am so smashed on my 'tuned' SPARK, thats all I can think of now.
    Rode the snot out of my GTR.., SPARK is new favorite - like sex with your swimsuit on.
    ...would the wife want her own ski?

    of the 3 listed, I think my 1st choice would be #1; cuz I like it pretty simple.
    the suspension skis are cool, but BIG, and heavy.
    AS ski has even more to go wrong with it, computer controlled suspension and all...
    All good choices, #1 is the only one for me.

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    My biggest consideration would be how much maintenance/modification you will do. If your a guy that lets the dealer do it all? Go suspension. If your handy and want to mod it a little the RXT hands down. Just get that intercooler swapped out.

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