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    Could this be Wear ring?

    Hey guys, i took my ski out for around 1hr and I'm happy to say the engine ran great after the new valves and flywheel bolt upgrades.

    but I do hade a few issues, one is that just as we finished and was heading back to the ramp the ski would rev up but the ski was not accelerating much, we got to around 4500rpm and we where only doing around 10mph then we increased the power to 5000rpm and it was only around 12mph!

    Last time I used the ski it would hit the rev limiter when pulling up a wakeborder so I guessed then the wear ring might be in need of replacement.

    Dose this his sound like a wear ring fault? I do have one on order.

    The superchager is due for a rebuild witch I'm planing on doing asap!

    Another problem I have is idle! When cold it's fine and we where in the water the idle was fine but when I pull the ski out to flush with fresh water the idle is aratic! If jumps up and down from 1800-2600rpm ( idle haunting).

    this has happened twice in a row now with the last two times I've took it out and brought it back to be flushed.

    Any ideas guys?


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    sounds like you may have a clogged grate or impeller...

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    Since it happened on the water after working fine I'd check for anything inside the grate and or wrapped up in the impeller. You can always measure the clearance between the impeller and wear ring.

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    Hi Jamie

    Wear ring and prop might be the issue, as it's worsened by the extra load from the wakeboard.

    If you're SC is in need of rebuild do it sooner rather than later. It has to be done anyway, but if it lets go, that's a shit load of extra cost and even more PITA (aka more down time).

    Consider fitting a stainless steel Solas wear ring, it's a world of difference from the plastic OEM. Yes, there's a raft of people who'll argue otherwise, but all the cool kids at the back of the bus run SS If your prop is good, it'll pull like a steam train and you'll wonder why you left it so long.

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    Thanks guys, I'll take a look in the intake grate and pump. I'm going to replace the ring anyways as I ordered one last week. I'll keep yous posted.

    Here is some photos from last nights fun. :

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice. I guess you've seen the YouTube Seadoo wakeskating vid?

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    That's awesome!!!

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    pretty good commercial for the wake!

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    Ok I've took alook in the intake grate and impeller and i can't see anything in there at all, it looks very clear but there is brownish marks as if a piece of wood has rubbed around the ring and stained it, I'll get a picture.

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