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    LR-502 module on carburetor 1999 Genesis

    The 1999 genesis is the only model to use the LR-502, was updated the next year. My LR-502 is bad. I cant find a used or new one anywhere. Any idea where I can buy one?

    Anyways this is why I know it is bad, if I leave everything connected I have no spark, etc. ski wont crank with lanyard in, etc.. However If I disconnect the black and yellow wire from the LR-502 ski runs great, just no stop button. (but I just use the lanyard which is fine)

    So for now I was just going to run the ski like that. However previous instructions from another thread say

    "Also unplug and bypass the LR-505's start solenoid control wiring. Unplug the Black/White and Purple/White LR-505 wires, then use a jumper to short the Black/White and Purple/White wire harness terminals together.

    OR just jumper the Black/White harness wire directly to any Black/Ground terminal.
    This also by-passes the MFI security/lock function."

    There is no purple and white wire on the LR-502. There is black/yellow, black and black and white.

    What I have done, is just tapped off the black and yellow coming out of the LR-502 and that is my fix.

    However I am concerned if I am doing something wrong per the above instructions mentioned a purple/white and black white.

    Also since I do have a black/white I tired the alternative instructions above by trying to ground that and it just killed the ski.

    The only way I can find to fix this problem is to buy a new LR-502 (which I cant find), or just remove the back and yellow like I have and use the tether to stop the ski.

    Thanks so much
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    Thanks for posting this.

    Is your 1999 Genesis a carburetor engine or Ficht fuel injection?

    The combination of LR-502 and LR-31 (carburetor engine only) used in the 1999 Genesis can be replaced by the combined Start/Stop module LR-505 (carbed engine) or LR-503 (Ficht fuel injected engine).

    I need to cross check the wiring diagrams but from memory I think all the color coded wires will match up. I also need to check which electrical box these modules reside in as I recall the carb engine machines have two electrical boxes, one near the engine and one behind the front storage area.

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