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    MSX 140 Speed sensor wierd issue, what's going on?

    Here's my issue. I finally have my 03 MSX up and running. When I got it out, it will not register the speed. The display stays at zero. I did some reading, and checked the wheel while it was on the trailer, and not in the water. I can spin it by hand, and when I do, it reads the speed. I got it up to like 12mph by spinning it by hand. I tried this multiple times. Figured it must have been stuck or something. Put the ski back in the water, and have the same issue. Speedo stays at zero. Test on the trailer it works fine. Nothing looks bent, or out of place. Only thing I can think of, is something isn't lined up right for the wheel not to turn while in the water.

    Any input on what may be happening would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


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    Make sure the electrical connector inside the hull is properly connected and there is no water inside the pins. Also inspect the wiring in the pump tunnel for damage.

    Speedo wheel is mechanically simple, there are a couple of little magnets embedded within the paddle lobes. If the sensor is properly seated in the mount and it is spinning while you are in the water then either the sensor is defective or the wiring is compromised (since the display apparently shows speed numbers on land).

    I will mention that CANDooPro sells a nice GPS retrofit module that works on the Polaris MSX 140. It mounts entirely within the hull and provides very accurate speed readings.

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