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    MFD buttons

    Has anyone had success repairing buttons on their MFD? Mine looks to be operational (comes on with motor and responds on the water. Resets fine on unplug), but the left button doesn't work. I think right "Set" button does as I'm able to make it make the time colon stop blinking like it's waiting for me to set things. Considering cracking it open but don't want to lose what I have.

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    The buttons are hard to repair, rather fragile internally.

    If you remove the front bezel, which is just clipped onto the MFD, you will be able to see the flexible clear dome of each switch. Compare the working and non-working visually. If the dome has failed (corroded inside or no longer sealed) I would consider the switch unrepairable.

    It is possible to cut the sealed MFD case open. See my signature links for MFD repair info. Once it is cut open you will be able to test the thin ribbon cable to each switch.

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