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    I have installed a complete r&d stage 2 kit (minus sponsons) on my 2014 yamaha fzr svho, it has 10 hours on it and runs great, top rpm 7920 but usually more like 7600, top speed best 78.5 on gps, and usually around75- 76. This kit is supposed to turn 8350 rpm and i have had prop trued for more rpm,r&d has been very helpful and indeed may solve with more prop looking for any tips out there, this kit should make boat faster, i"m looking to go 80 on any day, not just the perfect day( air, humidity,etc). Some of the earlier posts showed incredible speeds (78 with just ride plt, etc), so i thought this would be a bit easier....thoughts?? Trying to get to 80

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    Does it still require the SCOM With the R1/R2 reflash? Sounds like it's kicking in.

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    What prop you have

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    Quote Originally Posted by riick370 View Post
    Does it still require the SCOM With the R1/R2 reflash? Sounds like it's kicking in.
    No. Needs to take some pitch out of that prop to achieve 8300+ to gain the speed he is looking for. More rpm=more speed. Probly going to have to dial in a prop with a good PET tach because the entire instrument cluster on a Yammi is pretty much worthless. The rpm needle stops at 8000? <not 100% sure on that.

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    not sure about that

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    I initially ran the stock prop which got me 78.5 once on the best run, never to be repeated, I then ordered the recommended prop from R&D for the more complete stage 2 kit ( i did mine early last summer when they were still designing the kit and there were no prop recs), not sure of size, its on their website..also a tach, I then saw decreased top speed with new prop and RPM 7550-7850, (supposed to do 8350 RPM), I then had stock prop bent ( 1 degree =100RPM) and got RPM to 7920 on best run and speed 75.3, I am now in process of getting R&DS prop bent by R&D( they are excellent and helpfull)

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