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Thread: stay 5 bracket

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    stay 5 bracket

    Can anyone tell me if you can get the stay 5 bracket off without removing the exhaust. It's the exhaust bracket above the carbs the bottum bolts that go into the exhaust pipe will not break lose for me. ??
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    It depends on why you are removing bracket. If its to do a D-plate, then you will be unhooking pipe at the rubber connector just to the left of the bracket, to unbolt the converter section. You will then unbolt the rear section of the pipe from the rear engine bracket, and undo the hose to the muffler. Unbolt the stay from the cylinders. You can then roll the rear section around some to get better access to those pesky underside bolts. They are Very tite, as usual for YAMAHA. You have to undo at least the left one to pull the pipe apart to get the catcon out. Not mentioned in the instructions BTW Riva!!
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    The bracket was craked so I had to replace it. I finally got it off. What a pain in the arsss it is to replace that thing.

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