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    Warning light flashing

    HAVE TRIED MULTIPLE THINGS. THE CODE THAT PULLS IS 01 which is normal. What else would cause a gp to shut off after being in rough water then get towed in for ten minutes then it starts up n runs fine. As if something gets hot and kills spark.

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    Does it not restart right away have you tried? There is a slant detection switch in the ski that will kill it. ITs a horse shoe shaped ring with contact on each end and a metal slide that when goes and touches either slant terminal with kill the ski. ITs meant for it to shut off it flipped over. I usually wrap a zip tie on both ends so the slider can't make contact with the end points and prevents the ski from being cut off in the rough

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    Where is that located in or on the ski?it does not start up right away about ten minutes later.
    almost as if something needs to cool down. I'm lost.

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    If it was that it would start up immediately

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    Nope. I don't even know where to start.i can tell you all was fine until I did the oil block first issue was I could ride soon as I idled for a few minutes and gave it throttle it shut off. So I changed my low on ejk and it fixed the that problem now I have another. Lol
    also at the same time I adjusted my throttle cable because it had so much play.when I first tried to start it nothing no spark. I backed the throttle cable off a bit spark came back.
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    Then add some more slack to the throttle cable and see if that makes a difference or disconnect if totally from the trigger lever. If you right on the edge that may make it intermittent.

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    That still won't answer my question of the shut off.maybe not the re fire

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    I would guess a loose connection or ground. Is this a salt water ski?

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    I use it in both

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    Using probability as a guide, there are a couple of connectors under the U-pipe and in the stator area (where you just installed the block off) that may have been disturbed. The connectors in that area are known to sometimes have connector pin corrosion mainly on salt water skis. Being you were just in "that" area and the problem started immediately after, if it were me I'd take a good hard look at the wiring and connectors close to that proximity. Unplug them and follow the wiring and look for green or white corrosion residue. Also check your battey cables and the small ground wire at the front port side of the head. Let us know what you find.

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