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    2001 Virage 1200 tx carb model wont rev

    Ok I bought this ski and it needed some work, had no spark. New computer, replaced LR module and alternator. Will start up but runs at only 3000 RPMs at full throttle for about 10min. like it has a rev limiter. ( checked , not a limiter , not in reverse , overheated or out of oil) . If i take it out it gradually revs higher until it gets up to full RPMs and then runs fine. Pops out and runs great. Only maxes at 6640 rpms doesn't reach the 7200 RPM max. Speed is topped at 62mph. I checked the cylinders all are firing. It will start on any one cylinder ( pulled 2 wires at a time and all 3 cylinders work) the front 2 cylinders had lots of oil on the plugs, the rear was fine and dry. When it starts there is plenty of white smoke (oil). The oil pump was adjusted when I put in the alt. and the rear cylinder is dry.
    So it looks to me as if it is getting too much oil when starting and fouling the plugs. Any other things I should check and or how to limit this without restricting the oil flow. Lastly I've gone through about half a tank of oil to about 1 tank of gas (seems way too much)

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    Excess oil feed would not prevent the engine from developing power, as long as the plugs are not fouled.

    Check the oil pump cable to make sure it is routed correctly. The oil pump arm should be pointing towards the left side of the hull at idle position.

    7200 RPM is the red line limit, typical operating maximum RPM is right around your 6640 number.Too little oil is a much bigger problem than too much.

    Check whether the oil feed to the rear cylinder is actually flowing. Well, dribbling really slowly is the normal rate.

    Make sure the oil feed nipple is not clogged.

    Do not run the engine hard if it is not working properly. There is some risk of burning up a piston from excessive load at too low RPM. And if there is an oil delivery problem too little oil can destroy the engine.

    What spark plugs are you using?

    Has the fuel system been serviced? New fuel hoses and filter? Carbs rebuilt?

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    No the fuel system wasn't serviced. The fuel filter is clean. As is the water separator. The oil line and pump is correct. The front plugs look fouled. Its as if the engine is running on just 1 cylinder b/c the oil is fouling the plugs. If you run it , it doesnt surge. Hold full throttle and it slowly progresses up to full rpm over about 2-3 min. Then runs like it should. Let it sit and the same thing happens again. The plugs are new. BPR8ES. Operating the choke stall the engine instantly.

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