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    Rock in impeller, intake stator blades smashed off


    i have aver been lurking around here for a few years but this is my first post.

    In my last day at the lake last year, I sucked some rocks into the pump on my 2007 Speedster 150 (215). I did my best to clear out what I could in the water. The boat had a hell of a vibration above 3000 rpm so it was a real slow ride (4 hours) back to the truck.

    i just pulled the pump apart and found a nice rock still jammed in one of the impeller blades and of course the wear ring is a bit chewed. Remarkably the impeller doesn't look bad at all. The plastic blades on the pump intake are all smashed out - does this need to be replaced?

    I am posting this with my iPhone so I will add pictures of the carnage to this thread as soon as I get in the house.

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    Here are the pictures of the carnage. Note the rock, it came out of the impeller OK with a slot screwdriver. I think the impeller could be cleaned up and reused - there is no evidence it is bent. The bearing seems to have no play.

    This boat has under 20 hours on it.

    What would you do?

    1. Replace the plastic pump mount?
    2. Put it back together and run it as is?
    3. Put in a wear ring?
    4. Upgrade to a Solas impeller?
    4a. Which one?
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    I would replace wear ring, cheap and easy. the plastic pump mount should be fine.

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    That pump support looks destroyed.

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    Should I replace the pump support or will it cavitate if run it as is?

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    Based on what it looks like on the front side from the pics, it needs to be changed in a bad way. Shark fins are also screwed up and can be removed.
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    take a dremel and grind the "shark" teeth down flat with the pump shoe

    Even with a new ring and prop, damage to those teeth cause severe cavitation problems.

    get the prop refinished too.

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    Here is what I did...

    1. replaced wear ear ring with stock ring,
    2. Noticed the other side of the blades on the impeller were bent too so I bought a solas concord impeller,
    3. Cleaned up the stator vanes with a file and die grinder,
    4. Ground down the Sharks teeth.

    we will see how it runs this week.

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    I ran it yesterday.

    With 400 lbs on board at 7200 RPM (maxed out here) and 3500' elevation, I got 48 MPH average out of it.

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