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    1995 SLX seat interchangeability

    Hey all, first post here. Looking for some information. I picked up a 1995 SLX 780 a couple weeks ago and one thing it needs is a new seat cover. From my research, '95 was the first model year of the SLX, featuring the new 780 engine, OP spark arrestors, longer ride plate, etc. It appears to use a lot of the previous and same years SL model parts (including the seat?). Come '96, the seat profile looks to have changed.

    -I enjoy the look of the '96+ seats, but do not know if it fits my ski. If someone can verify this, I will try to track down one of these seats with a good cover.
    -The seat I have now presumably has good foam (possible mice damage), but the vinyl is torn near the back. I can find seat covers for the SL models, and for the 96+SLX models, but nothing for the '95 SLX. Are the '92(?)-95 SL seats the same as the '95 SLX?

    Thanks all for your help.

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    Welcome to the hulk!

    Yes, they are the same from the 94 SL to the 97 SLX in 1998 the SLX turned into the SLXH with a very different seat design, then went to the 99 SLX with a even more different seat design.

    the only difference is the hump on the back of the seat.

    I might even have one of those seats, if not i have a 95 SLX seat, recovered in black. good condition

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    wow, quick reply! thanks for the info. A seat would be a bear to ship, and be quite costly. A seat cover looks to be about 90 bucks. Shoot me a PM and we can discuss what you have on hand. Thanks!
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