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    95 yamaha or 95 polaris...HELP!

    Looking for help in choosing a PWC. Never had one before and I'm in the midst of talking to two gentleman about trading my 95 yamaha grizzly 600 for one of there PWC. I have the option of a 95 yamaha wave raider 1100 with trailer, papers, and it runs or a 95 polaris SL750 and trailer, papers and runs. HELP! I don't know which one to pick. It will be my first ever PWC and I'm sure not my last so it will be just a learning exp I'm not looking for new at the moment. Any suggestions?? This is an out right trade/swap so let me know what you think. THANKS here are two pics attached and my quad.
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    I personally would choose the Polaris cause I love the little Fuji triples. BUT......if you can't wrench on your own stuff you better go with the Yamaha. Lots of repair shops won't work on a Polaris PWC. Also check to see if the Polaris has a triple outlet fuel pump already, if not it needs upgraded to one, which also means you better test ride or at least test compression.

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    Fewer shops working on Polaris these days. Best advice is research acceptable compression for each and choose based on results of a compression test. Ski's will run and sound pretty good even with low compression. If possible water test. Compression test is key. If you have to pick up a compression tester at Harbor Freight. I cant stress how important it is to test the compression.

    Now with all that said my first ski was a 95 WaveRaider 1100. It wasn't that long ago either only 4 years ago. I LOVED THAT SKI!!! That ski is what started it all for me.

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    I would say that the Yamaha is the more valuable pwc.
    You will also be more likely to find used parts for it more available if needed.

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    +1 on the Raider! I had a 94 701 and it was an amazing ski. I wish I still had it. I'm sure the triple would be a riot in that machine. Check compression on them both and make sure that you pick up a carb rebuild kit for whichever you choose.

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    If you are not mechanically inclined, pick the one with fewer carburetors. The 750 is an ok engine but requires a lot of updates to prevent against burnt Pistons.

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    the yamaha fell through and the polaris guy hasn't emailed me back in awhile. I had a new offer on a 1998 STX 900 kawasaki Jet Ski that Come's with Trailer .
    It has been converted to oil premix. Not sure what that means and was hoping for some input on it. Thanks all for the replies and suggestions.


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    A good machine if the price is right. Premix means you have to mix the oil with the gas. I run all mine that way. Power trim probably won't function, gauges may or may not operate, grommets on rear electrical box may be broken and needing repair. Compression and pump inspection would be first on the list when checking out any used machine.

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    What is the value of the Grizzly. Generally, way easier to sell your and buy with cash.

    When looking at a ski, condition,condition,condition. If you find the aforementioned AND it's a Yamaha...Time to buy.

    For other makes/models, check in with the Forum.

    If you want to come to CT, I have a 1995 fiberglass hull 62T 701 Raider I can give you a deal on. Currently needs carbs cleaned and stop switch, which I could do. A fun, reliable ski.

    Has a Factory pipe, Solas J prop, and an OP ride plate that keeps it running straight. Similar size as the Polaris, but a much better ski.

    FYI- I was simply replying to your post, when it donned on me, I have the raider...along with 8 ski's, 2 boats, .....

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