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    2005 FX140, Fuel not getting past injectors

    Hey guys, this thing has got me stumped again. Long story short,I have a 2005 FX140 rebuilt the motor to then find out the the it is missing an ECU. Found an ecu on ebay (Exact same part #). Plugged it in and fuel just wont get past the injectors when I try to start. Fuel hose just bulges until to much pressure builds up and fuel starts squirting out the hose where it is connected to the rail. Yesterday I tested and cleaned all the injectors with a 12v battery and some carb cleaner. They all worked fine. It seems like they are just not activating...

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    I know its been a while but still have the same issue. Fuel just wont get past injectors. If I squirt some fuel directly in the intake it fires right up. When I press the start button a green light turns on next to the word "Security". Does this mean that it is locked? Please help!

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    I'm not sure about that particular year but on many vehicles the ecu is married to the vin. If you change the ecu it needs to be reprogrammed. Sounds like you might have to visit the dealer.

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    There are about 19 reasons why fuel wont pass, but The ecu not being married to the ski is not one of them. If you wanna take your ski to the dealershit to get it looked off thats one thing, but likely not the case here

    There are a lot of wires in this ski, there is a chance you have one burned out?? I would get the manual, pull the harness and do a wire inspection of the full system. I cant fully test a harness in about 20 minuets this way. Not always the way to find it, but its worked for me several times.

    Could have a wire that rubbed away.

    BUT if you have fuel squirting out somewhere, you need to tighten that clamp...if the stock one is leaking, cut the metal clamp off with dykes and put on a regualr hose clamp, itll be okay. Low fuel pressure might be your issue..

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    Removed the harness and completely inspected. Everything is fine. Yes the fuel squirts out at the end of the fuel rail because it has no where else to go, to much pressure builds between the fuel pump and the injectors.

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    You can test the fuel pressure with a fuel pressure test kit the fule pump should be regulating the fuel pressure to the fuel rail. Too much pressure would actually cause the injectors to inject too much fuel not stop them from fireing.

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