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    Clanking sound during idle 1999 Yamaha XL1200 LTD

    I have 2 1999 Yamaha XL1200 LTD jet skis.
    I purchased both used.
    They both have a clanking sound during idle.
    I took them out for sea trial before buying and all was good on the water.
    Took them out for about 4 hours total riding this weekend.
    The clanking was there when I got them.
    Is this normal? What is it?
    It clanks about once every 1-5 seconds.

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    Perfectly normal.

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    thx, can you tell me where the clanking comes from?

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    I think about all Yamaha do it. My ventures and raiders certainly did. I think it's the pump construction and sounds resonating through the aluminum hollow castings. Also, the pump is constructed to operate as designed while in the water. Out of the water, the bearing thrust is not correct, and the pump free wheels. Many pumps of different construction do this.

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    That freaked me out too 1st time I started mine up w/ the newly rebuilt engine. Of course immediately I think it's some engine problem. Then I actually listen around and find out it's the pump. Like you discovered, everything is fine once in the water.

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