98' sportster 1800 dual 720's. not sure what is going on and please don't do the default" bad MPEM". boat ran perfect 1 month ago. pulled interior to reupholster. untouched until I receicved the parts back 3 days ago. reinstalled and starboard side motor was sluggish. getting fuel has spark but weak wouldn't rev even in forward gear. if I left the key on post more than 5 seconds I had to pull the main mpem fuse to get it to start or respond(beep or crank). one day later have full battery power all accessories work but no beeping or crank even if I pull the fuse now. oddly yesterday while trying to diag the motor both starters stuck cranking and I had to pull fuse to stop. now no crank nothing no beeps etc. cleaned dess and post no go. checked all fuses good and grounds on battery good all the way to mpem as well as power. I can insert dess and jump solenoids at the box and runs perfect though I cannot shut off unless I pull plug wires. could it be bad key or post or is it the mpem. My thoughts would be that it wouldnt run by jumping solenoid if mpem was bad.