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    96 sl 700 and 97 slt 700

    I just purchased both within the last week. I took the sl 700 to the shop and it just needs a stator the guy said. On the Slt when i bought it i paid $100 for it and the trailer the problem though is the motor has been taken apart (everything is there to put it back together) and one of the pistons has some major scaring on it. I know i can probably sell the trailer and get my money back but i am wondering if it is worth fixing it. Suggestions????

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    Is the scarring located mainly around the edges of the piston? If so, that usually means a foreign object got in there and beat it up. I have a 780 engine with a piston like that, a crank bearing failed and some of the little pieces from that were sucked in and destroyed that piston. In that case, you'd be looking at a new piston and crank at a minimum.

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    from what i can tell all of the scarring is on the top of the piston

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