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    Riser Handlebar kits for RXP?

    I am taking a lesson from my mountain snowmobiling experience on this one.

    there has been a huge increase of the numbers of sleds that you see with 2-8" risers on the handle bars. The ability to stand up in racing (for racers) and the ability to negotiate trails that resemble "corn on the cob" with these risers is night and day. The ability to throw around the snowmobile in the deep powder in the mountains is greatly enhanced with a riser.

    now take this to Waterbikes.

    I would think that if you were in a persistent chop you would want to stand up so you would not beat your ass all the time. Or if you hit a big wake you might want to be standing, etc. I am 6'4" tall and I cannot stand up straight on my RXP and grip the bars.

    I don't see anybody using these on Waterbikes. Is anyone using these or have one installed on their RXP? maybe these "ape hangers" are widely available, but I have not seen any.

    I have an adjustable riser set-up on my snowmobile that will give me the ability to adjust it from stock to 8" high, and pivot the bars forawrd or reverse. I had to extend the bar cables to accomodate this, but that was easy.

    Maybe this is a total lack of knowledge "newbie" type question, but hey I am learning!!

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    How about tilt steering like the GTX Limiteds have?

    I want it on my RXP!

    Exploded view:

    Parts list:

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