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    Wet Ride: First Ride 2014

    Well, the first ride of the season was a wet one. The waves were "okay". A bit too choppy, though. Nevertheless, when you come home soaking wet from jet skiing you've had a great day!

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    MMMMMmmKkkkk; sooo.., if you guys ride out of White Rock.

    ...and someone was to launch in Blaine...

    would the authorities have a flippin cow if we met on the water, rode, and went back to our respective marinas??

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    Probably, the US border guards have absolutely no sense of humor and you might get your ski seized.

    We have launched from the White Rock area and passed through US waters on the way around Point Roberts and never had a problem but we don't meet other boats or come close to shore. Same thing on Osoyoos Lake we are allowed to ride through US waters as long as you don't meet another boat or land on shore if you do you're supposed to clear customs into the US them same again entering Canada.

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