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    Riva sending used parts. Doing a charge back on my card.

    After having problems with my first limiter bypass killing the dash power they said send it back and we will cover shipping. I called them a week later they say the box is fine we will send you a new one but yours is ok. I put two hours on my ski with no dash power issues. I get the package today and it's someone's used stuff that's not water tight anymore. Also no check for shipping. I need the number to the greenhulk parts store to know where to send this stuff back to. I'm not messing with junk parts and ups all summer. Also can someone direct me to someone that makes a watertight bypass? Thanks

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    What are you refering to by it not being "water tight"? The SCOM unit is podded, which makes it "water tight". Is the podding separated from the box? On the shipping, just call them, they will credit you back for the shipping. Not a big deal. Did you try the 2nd SCOM unit? Did it fix the dash problem?

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    The rear part that grounds the #10 pin has a resistor in it is part way pulled out. If they want to ship used parts and pray they work I'm not going to deal with it. I'm not the only one with this problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bamf View Post
    What are you refering to by it not being "water tight"? The SCOM unit is podded, which makes it "water tight".
    Podded? Do you mean Potted? I have not used a SCOM so I am not familiar with the build but if the electronics have a potting or conformal coating then they are already protected and any enclosure does not need to be water tight.

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    Potting means to pour in/over electronics to "seal" from the elements and tampering.

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    Potting - yep....that's what I meant.

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