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    MSX 140, battery connected wrongly by mistake.

    Customer has a 2003 Polaris MSX140. He installed a new battery and by mistake connected the battery leads incorrectly. Now I have reconnected the battery correctly and the gauge cluster comes alive but nothing happens when you press the start button. The start solenoid does not even click. Battery voltage is good. Before I start trouble shooting I wondered if anybody knows what happens if you connect a battery incorrectly ?

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    the solenoid i shot i did this too mine twice and both times it popped the solenoid

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    Replace the solenoid, there is an internal diode that will fail with reversed battery polarity. The latest revision solenoid from Polaris is the same part as used on certain model Seadoo. See my signature links for the part numbers.

    Also check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.

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    Thanks for the answers guys. New solenoid is on order. Part # 503SB002 $32.95 from Watercraft Superstore
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