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    Vibration from rear of ski BUT comes and go's?!

    Hi all

    Bit of a strange one here. I took my STXr out yesterday and at one point went a little close to the shore and kicked up a bit of sand.

    Shortly after i got a really strong vibration from the back of the ski. I shut off the ski for 5 mins and then start back up - ALL FINE! No vibration... accellerated right through the rev range and nothing wrong.

    Slowed down to idle all good until i tried again - vibration came back!

    Go's on and off like this. i check both sides of the impeller and nothing is stuck either side.

    I'm at a loss as to what this could be because one minute the ski's fine and the next it's over the place.

    Any ideas guys?

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    Pull the pump inspect the bearing. Also check your motor mounts

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    my pillion seat vibrates and rattles sometimes when I am riding solo

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    Stxr had a one peice seat.

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    well I guess its not the seat then lol
    I'll shut up now

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    No reason to quit yourself! Just informing. My guess is the pump? Could look good but those bearings could be wiped... hard to say without seeing the craft.

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