I am confused, needing some advice. Finished rebuilding 650 engine, which included removing the automatic oil feed. Compression is great on both cylinders at 130psi. When it is running, it is not running as smooth as it should. Completing fault finding, removing one plug on one of the cylinders, the engine stops. Pull the other one off while running, and it still runs, so it is only running on one cylinder. I have nice healthy spark from both plugs. Have rotated the plugs and still the same problem. Letting the engine run for a little, the cylinder that is not working the plug is clean as, but slightly wet. I have checked the reed valves and they are not stuck or broken. It is a single carbie engine, so its not a carbie issue. I have poured small amount of fuel down the faulty cylinder and still no evidence of combustion on this side. I have switched the high tension leads and still the same cylinder only fires. Any ideas as to what is going on, as i am very confused? Thank you in advance.