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    92 xp loss of power??

    Back story first I was out riding and jumped some big rollers from a wave surf boat and landed hard. After that the ski has lost power it doesnít get up out of the hole just kind of takes its time getting up to speed and has a fine vibration from idle on. I have pulled and looked over everything from the fly wheel back all looks well. The mag compression is 145psi pto 143psi. it starts right up runs good idles fine aside from what is listed. what should I look at past this. What sucks is the ski was listed for sale and I have pulled the add for now hoping the fix is cheap as the ski isnít worth much because of age but is in great shape cosmetically and always got complements so I hate to part is or junk it but thatís face it around here ill be lucky to get a grand out of it so I cant see spending much more then maybe $100.00 to fix it.

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    Did you check the engine mounts? If they broke it would explain the vibration, I don't think it would make it slower unless shifting under a load could affect the through hull seal. IDK just guessing you could have broken the pipe or cracked a manifold. Check the exhaust connections. Hope this helps any parts should be pretty cheap. I couldn't give away parts for a 580

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    Sounds like maybe your wear ring rotted and came apart.

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