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    2010 vx pulsating? fx sho oil leak?

    A friend and I went to buy 2 skis today, both 2010 his was a vx deluxe...started it up after launching and while idling through the canal, the engine pulsated...reved up and down... finally it went away but we both wondered what may have caused this?
    Mine was a fx sho ..At sea trial It was quite rough out so it was pretty hard to tell for sure top speed, after loading on trailer, I could see oil coming out of the bilge pump...took off seats, there was quite a bit of oil in the hull...Owner just had oil change from shop...are there any not to harmful reasons for this? Whats a "bad" scenario I should look out for If we were to proceed with purchase? Thaanks for any help!

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    Take them to a reputable watercraft/boat mechanic.

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