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    I have not had that yamaha but i do have a 2012 gti and a 2013 Kawasaki ultra. The gti has never felt like it would flip over even with three people on it the Kawasaki has given me that akward feeling a few times but never really been a threat. The gti has a flatter hull so it sit out of the water a little more and I will admit is a very dry ride becaue of this. I too ride in coastal waters in South Carolina the biggest down fall i have seen to it is due to its extremley shallow draft with the flat hull it sometimes doesnt want to pull straight if there is a strong current you will find your self having to steer to compinsate. Overal I do enjoy the ski I have had tons of rust issues with mine in the salt water though you will still want to flush it everytime and you will want to buy the quick connect flush kit or you will hate flushing this ski more then you did the Yamaha. Also make sure you rinse inside the engine compartment as well. As for the water in the hull you will get that in this ski as well but watch for exessive water at 31 hours my carbon ring went and would take water on when driving. It wasnt bad I replaced it early in the process but if you start noticing more water then usual in the hull you may have an issue and you need to get it checked. I have riden a vx before and the ski you just purchased is a whole lot more fun to ride on. The fun factor on it also beats my Ultra LX as well but as a touring ski I still prefer the Ultra is we are going long distances but if its a play day I always take the GTI instead.

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