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    which solas impeller for 2006 rxp & other ??

    Hi. I have a 2006 rxp. The stock impeller is quite well thrashed, so looking at replacement. The only mod I might do in the near future is the 4" kanaflex.

    There is different information for which impeller is best for the stock RXP. SRX-CD 13/18 seems to be what Jerry suggests. Solas website says 14/19. I'm sure a new impeller always feels great, and sorry to ask this question again. Most information here is for modded skis. Not a lot for stock skis. btw, I am running about 8200 rpm at 103 km/h(not gps) on stock impeller.

    I was also thinking of mating this to a stainless wear ring. Good or bad idea? Mostly running in sandy river that's used for logging, so sometimes running through chunks of floating bark, bits of wood near the docks. Some rocky river beds.

    Also ave bad cavitation now. I think it's a combination of the cheap WSM wear ring and thrashed impeller. There's a good .5mm of daylight between impeller and 10 hour old wear ring. Carbon ring is original with 80 hours on it, and no leaking. Does that need to be changed just because?

    thanks for the input!!
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    I get the solas 14/19. And don't use a SS wear ring not were your riding on lest you got lot of money for impellers. That's why plactic ones we're designed, because of all the asso throwing every thing in the water. And always remember the more new parts the lest you will brake down.

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