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Thread: 2001 SeaDoo LRV

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    2001 SeaDoo LRV

    Any help would be greatly APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a 2001 Sea Doo LRV I changed the fuel lines,pulled cleaned and rebuilt the carbureators, changed the fuel petcock. Took the ski to the lake to test, ski starts to take off then will only get to 4500 rpms sometimes 4700 rpms and that's it. Pull the choke to force gas and the it kills the engine, which indicates to me it's not fuel, right? I have changed out the ignition coils and the MPEM still the same. Any thoughts on what the problem could be?

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    Pulling the choke really only works when your having trouble coming off idle. Go wide open with a fresh set of plugs for 30 sec then kill it and pull the plugs, see Wray color the white part is

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    If you pull the choke and it kills the engine, that would tell me that it is too rich... But I agree with GGG, plug readings can tell you a lot. If your not experienced at it, it wont tell you anything...

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    If the compression is good I would suspect you have a bad RAVE solenoid or line in the RAVE system. That's about the RPM where the RAVE's open up.

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    may just be dirty rave valves too, they get carboned up and stick, usually liimiting you to roughly 4500 rpm
    take the covers off, don't lose the springs and rev it on the trailer and manually pull them open and see if she gets full rpm

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