Hi i have a 2014 fzr with the r2 program,fizzle intercooler, r&d intake grate, cooling kit,filter kit,intake ribbon delete, jim's ride plate mod, exhaust mod, solas 13/20, blow off valve

last week, i hit 80.7 mph @8100rpms and about 12 psi. it was about 69 degrees outside and the water was cold. yesterday, i was running between 77-79mph and it was 85 degrees and the water was warm. i currently run the 13/20 impeller for SVHO from green hulk. i did bend this prop a few weeks ago trying to get more rpms without any results. so i bent it more and still nothing. i wasnt paying attention to the temperature when i was testing out the newly bent prop until recently. when looking at other props i dont know the difference between dyno fly, concord, or set back. i see other people having good results depitching the impeller to 13/18. there was a solas impeller for sale on thr island racing store forums with that description but does anyone have any experience with this? what prop would give me more rpms to maximize my boost?