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    Need help with yamaha xl1200 ltd

    Engine was fine last summer. Have the mods done jetted carbs d plate oil mixer pump removed and blocked off. Went to run the ski this summer starter went out. Replaced starter and bendix and I cranked the ski with no plugs to check starter and water was shooting out of all three cylinders. I cranked it u til the water stopped then started the ski. Idled fine. Tiok the ski for a test run and ski wouldnt get over 30 mph. Checked compression and had 140 in all three cylinders. Cranked engine without plugs and water was shooting outof cylinder 2 . Got the ski running with the water hooked up and the #2 cylinder vlew and the engine seized. Where did the water come from? And why did the cylinder blow if I am premixing

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    Did you run the water out before storing for winter? If you turned water hose on before cranking it will back up thru the exhaust.Just premixing does not guarantee against failure.How long since a carb rebuild?

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    It was probably hydrolocked from last summer, thats why the starter/bendix wouldn't crank it. Sounds like you have a water leak from a gasket or mechanical failure. Could also be from flushing the ski last season and leaving the water on with the engine off. When things hydrolock, anything can fail from the pressure, so a failed head or base gasket could have been induced from flushing improperly. Unfortunately the engine needs to come out and apart to sort things out. Even if you're premixing, water will kill them every time. Water kills the lubricating properties of the oil. What parts were removed to change the starter? Did you perform the mods over the winter or since last summer? You may have installed a gasket backward somewhere as well causing the water intrusion.

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