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    Fitting Jet TRIM w/Reverse on a 97 Wave VENTURE - Has anyone done this?

    I parted out a 97 Wave Raider 700 and I have all the QSTS trim adjust package that was on that and I was thinking it might be nice to have that on my 97 Wave Venture 1100.

    I think it would be fairly easy to rig everything to the morse cable coming out the transom for the trim but then I would have to replace my existing non-trim jet nozel with a comparable trim and reverse capable nozzle.

    The question is, will a nozzle with trim and reverse like off a 2001-2002 XLT 1200 bolt straight up to my pump? Also, would the nozzle size be appropriate for my 1100? Probably hoping for too much but maybe someone here knows a way or has done this before.

    If the parts don't match maybe I could have a thin adapter plate made at my buddies machine shop?

    Here are some parts I could buy to make this happen -


    With this

    If anyone can help please chime in!


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    I have an XL1200 limited which basically is the same as xlt and a wave venture 1100. Will try the nozzle and see how that works...

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    right of the bat I see the 1997 wave venture has 2 tabs on top to mount to hull and the xlt does not... might be complicated... will at least verify if they bolt on but can't for a week or so.

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    can't use the xlt unless you weld some mounting tabs on it.

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