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    VX110 Compression Issues

    Recently pulled the engine to reseal the drive plate and now have everything back together. Started it up and ski ran very rough after doing some basic diagnosis I checked the compression on the cylinders. The results were
    #1- 60 #2- 80 #3- 60 #4- 0.

    The weird thing is it was running strong when i pulled the engine last week. I did initially over fill the oil when i put the engine back in and i do see oil in cylinder #4 not sure if that is related. Does anyone know if this engine has hydraulic valve lifters that possibly lost oil pressure when i drained the engine?

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    The engine has overhead cams so no lifters. When you say you see oil, how much are you talking?

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    maybe 2 oz? What about hydraulic lash adjusters? The engine also sat without oil in it for about 3 days while I was waiting on the new oil/filter.

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    another thing i noticed was that the spark plug on cylinder 1 fouls after running for only 10 seconds or so. I have tried swapping the spark plug, ignition coil and fuel injector with another cylinder, but it still fouls almost immediately. this is what led me to perform the compression test. All other spark plugs appear clean, with light tanning on the ceramic.

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    I'm a little confused, if you had between 60-80 I say Intially if You pulled motor your Timming is off. Looking at your numbers not only is three cylinders low You have one cylinder is zero. You need to pull the head, that cylinder has a apparent issue most likely a valve issue being zero.

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