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    Update on the 2002 1100 STX di that was stolen and sank

    Completed removing all the gas( almost 1 gallon of water was mixed with it. Removed and replaced all the oil. Fogged and oiled the engine. Dryed out all the inside.
    Cleaned the spark plug( concerned here) so ordered some new ones. The jst ski will start up fine and run in idel with out any issues.

    When I try to give it more trottle when I place the jetski in the water it bogs down like it is choking for gas or poor plugs.

    Should I be doing anything with the fuel pump? or fuel injectors. It runs so good at idle , but the any 1/2 to full throttle is dies out.

    Question: Does an engine CODE come and stay if there is a major issue the EMM computer may have?

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    GOt it working. Drained the fuel pump and found about 1/2ottle of water mixed in the fuel. Once that was cleared and clean fuel ran through the injectors the engine started to run really good
    took it out for a short run and did well at full throttle. I think the new spark plugs will even make it perform better.

    I thought for sure I had a jetski anchor on my hands.

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    Great! Glad you saved it. I hate to hear about people that flood a 'Ski and take it to the dealer a couple of weeks later.

    Now to find the bastard that stole it!!! Perhaps you could tie an anchor on him and sink him...

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    Good news. Way to go!

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    These things are pretty resilient if you properly take care of them after sinking them. I've sank one in the past and you'd never know it based on how it ran afterward. Long term, I did end up replacing some electrical connectors and the starter relay/solenoid, but mechanically the ski was fine.

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