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    Help on 1996 SLt 780

    Iím working on a 1996 Polaris SLT780. You know the story all you need to do is put in a new battery. The problem is the ski will not start with the new battery. The first thing I look at is the spark. I use what I call a ďSPARKYĒ you remove the plug cap a put the sparky in between the cap and the spark plug. It has a nice little window and you can see the spark. Better than letting my wife hold the wire. I can see light but not as bright as I like, but there is fire. Shoot a little ether and it will not fire. Next step is to check compression, 130 plus in all three cylinders. I do not work on Jet Skiís much so Iím shooting from the hip. Ok I pull out the plugs and replace the plugs with the correct plugs and while they are out I check to see if they have spark. The sparky shows spark but the plugs will not show any spark must less a nice blue spark. Get a manual and next I go to the stator. Run all the OHM test all, is good except the alternator shows open, but I do not think that will keep it from getting fire, could be wrong, I think the battery will give it the fire and the alternator will charge the battery. Iím thinking the CDI is working because I can see the pulse in the sparky. I know it has a Hall Effect to create the pulse in the stator so Iím not sure if I need to replace the Stator or the CDI. I have checked all the grounds. I have read that all blue engines have a small black ground wire coming off the battery this ski only has the large wire on the Negative side. I need a little help before I start replacing parts.

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    This is a blue Fuji engine, not a red engine, correct?

    Fuji engine does not use Hall Effect sensors, and the CDI is entirely powered from the stator coils. No battery feed into a blue Fuji engine CDI.

    If you do not have spark through the actual spark plugs, then you do not have spark. Weak spark is another way of saying 'no ignition'.

    If it will not start using Starter Fluid, then there is something really wrong. Starting fluid is hard on the engine, it is better to prime with actual gasoline in small dribbles down the carb throats. Always be careful when priming any engine, backfires can happen.

    If the intake reeds are damaged then the engine will not run despite having compression.

    If the flywheel has sheared the woodruff key then it will not run since the spark timing will be incorrect.

    You can find the wiring diagram for your specific model and year on here.

    If the battery charging coil in the stator is open circuit or the wrong ohms then the stator needs to be replaced. If one coil is damaged then other coils may also be affected even if the ohm test does not show it. You may find mechanical damage with the flywheel or stator when you inspect.

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    K447,I need to look at the stator first and see what's going on. Should I pull the engine or the gas tank to get to the stator.
    After looking closer I have found that the wires coming from the stator to the black box have been replaced so something is going on down by the stator.
    thanks for your time, This is my first jet ski as you can tell. Old motorcycle gear hear here.

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    If the wires to the stator were replaced, it is likely they were fried at some point by contacting the batter positive to a ground at some location. This causes the thin black ground from inside the ebox to the stator to melt, often times taking out the rest of the wires in the bundle. This melt down will often times also take out the stator. I would start by replacing your stator. The easiest way, in my opinion, is to pull the motor. It can be done in the hull, but you need to remove the oil tank, unbolt the fuel tank, and slide it forward to gain adequate access to the flywheel cover and flywheel. The most challenging part is getting the flywheel to pop loose. Much easier with the motor on the bench.

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    Removed the stator and the wires are all burn next to the plate on the stator. I need a new stator where is the best place to get one. and thanks for all the help.

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