I'm trying to help a friend who isn't very computer savvy sort out a problem with a newly acquired waverunner. He got it from a dealership and they gave him paper work stating that the carbs had been rebuilt before they winterized it and he also had them install the D-plate/chip, wave eater clips and new oil lines before he took delivery of it. The jet ski only has 134 hours and starts up easily and the engine seems to run very well. The problem is that when he takes off from a dead stop it's very slow to get going, but once it's on a plane it almost feels like a turbo kicks in and it takes off and tops out in the low 50's. When he's taking off you can hear the engine hit the rev limiter a few times and seems as though it's just not creating any pressure in the pump. From my knowledge I figured it must be a wear ring and impeller issue. I contacted a dealer and they told me Yamaha's (I'm a sea doo guy) don't do wear rings, they do impeller housings and they generally last the life of the machine unless you put a bunch of gravel through it or something like that. Does this sound accurate to you experts out there? I suggested to my cousin to put a new Solas impeller in it and see how tight it fits. If it fits lose we can then order the pump housing.

Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated. We're trying to get out on the Water Sunday and need to get this figured out quickly.