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    End of an era - boo hoo

    Guys, I've sold my ski

    With my growing family I need a boat and I can't afford to have both - I know, a flipping boat. Man that sucks.

    But, I did sell it to a local guy who wants me to still take care of the maintenance, so I will get to ride it once in a while (just for test purposes of course!). I will also be back on here when I have to do the major works I'm sure.

    Thanks for all your help and for the awesome knowledge some of you guys have (you know who you are ).

    I will buy a another ski again in the future, but my kids have some growing up to do first.

    ps, WHAOAAAAAA I DON'T HAVE TO OPEN THAT GOD DAMN TOP DECK AGAIN, oh wait, I do if I'm going to still look after her - aaaarrrgggh!!

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    What is wrong with you...its like you have priorities and crap

    All kidding aside, good for you and enjoy the family time with kids while you can.

    BOAT = Break Out Another Thousand

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    I will testing sometime, if you had leave your pm notification on - BET!!!

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