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    2004 Polaris msx 110 is it worth fixing?

    It has only 37 hours on it. Looks new under the hood. They said it needs an cyclone kit converter due to the one on it has a linkage of oil. Also an IBF or IFB (???) module is bad. And the last thing it needs, is the propeller and the cylinder housing it sits in. (don't know the technical name sorry) Thanks for you thoughts!

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    In summary, no

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    Welcome... that's a bunch of issues for a low-hour, new looking ski. Are you asking if you should buy it? How much? My likely recommendation will be NO.

    I've never heard of a cyclone kit converter... perhaps an updated oil tank? The SIFB is a common failure. And a worn impeller and wear ring? At only 37hours... doesn't sound right.

    Keep looking.


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    Thanks guys! Yea the impeller is seized up in the cylinder housing and wasn't allowing and engine to turn over. Once they disconnect the impeller motor turned over fine. Its odd that it was seized up being it have only been a freshwater ski. I actually had already had bought it for less then $700. Sounds like i will be parting it out. Thanks again!

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