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    Suspension ski catch can mounting location

    Anyone have pics of catch can mounting location on suspension ski?

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    You need to PM tornado34, he is the king of "remove the top one more time" for mods...

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    i would also like to know a good location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanfish View Post
    You need to PM tornado34, he is the king of "remove the top one more time" for mods...
    Not funny

    (I am joking!)

    And tornado have to tell us still the latest news

    Go to the profile from tornado33 and to the albums - there it is what you are looking for.

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    The best place is pretty much directly above the SC intake. Just fashion a bracket 10" long and fix it to the bolt at the end of the rocker cover (not the rocker cover bolt it's self!). Mine was ulgy, but with some neat CNC machine you'll have it sweet in no time.

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