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    Rxp-x 255 2008 speed

    Hello, om new to this forum so i start with saying HI to everyone.

    Ive got some questions about my seadoo.
    It has a aquavein intake grate and a 15/22r impeller
    It revs 8000rpm and i just tested the topspeed 61.3 knots or around 71mph gps . It feel slower out of hole but the rest better with the intake grate.

    So i wanted to see like 73-74mph , i dont have any reduction nozzle is that the problem ?
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    Is it possible to manufactur an own nozzle ring 83mm and put there?

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    Nozzle, air intake & pump wedge

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    Ok ok . I forgot to mension, two of my shark teeth iis damaged they are almost gone. I dont have any cavitation problem should i take away all the teeth?

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    Yes, cut them all out and grind the stubs down flush with the pump support.

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    Updated . Ive cut the teeth of and added a homemade 3" air intake and an open air filter in The front, and deleted the crappy steering buffels in The rear.

    Just sent out on a test and is was very choppy water so i couldnt max i out but i saw 62 knots easy it could problibly in good water do 63-64 (72-73mph) now.
    I Havent got the reduction nozzle yet and my oem is 87.5 . How fast do u think it Will get with 83mm? I dont now the rpm after this last mods but it was 8000rpm before 3" intake

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    8040rpm now at 72mph is that rpm ok ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcuzx View Post
    8040rpm now at 72mph is that rpm ok ?
    That is fine, u will lose some rpm when u put the 83mm nozzle on, but if u de pitch prop to get the RPMS back
    U will gain speed

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