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    2014 Yamaha FZS with a Riva Stage One Ki

    I just installed a standard RIVA Stage One kit on my 2014 FZS. It is running fantastic but shortly after I start it up it gives me a warning light L-mode. The speedometer reads correctly, but the RPM readout is all over the place even though the engine is running steady. It doesn't seen to affect the ski's performance. Does anyone know what may be causing this? Thanks in advance

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    Try & disconnect the SCOM module that plugs into the gauge. Then reconnect the 2 grey plugs. (like how it is in stock form) See if this corrects the issue. If it does, contact Riva & they will exchange the module for you. No big deal, they will cover the freight if the unit is bad. There were a small number of those modules that had some wiring issues that would cause the gauge to malfunction. Did this happen right away? Or did this happen after you rode the FZ for a while?

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    Mine went bad call their tech line they will send you a new one. What pissed me off is they said the unit was fine and they can't get it to fail. But with the part off my ski its fine. My riva socom died after about one hour.

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