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    Affordable custom Aluminum PWC fishing racks in Houston (Humble area)

    Wanted to recommend a guy who owns a full-blown aluminum fabrication shop in the FM-1960 area just East of HWY59. He does large scale aluminum fabrication but would love to do some more custom fishing racks. Right now, work has slowed down a bit so you could expect to bring your ski in on a Monday and have it back by Wed or Thurs at the latest.

    He has all the correct equipment to make great racks and does TIG welding. Hydraulic bender and dyes for all sizes of aluminum, a CNC machine and tons of other toys. If you want the shiny Anodized look, the entire rack can be dipped in Anodized coating so that even the welds look perfect or it can be powder coated in the color of your choice and clear coated.

    The dude is the real deal. Bring him a photo of what you want or just a vision of what you would like and let him go to town on it. He is VERY affordable and unquestionably the most upstanding businessman you will ever meet. I have had 2 of my SUV racks created by him and Boudin has one on his ski as well. Others have used him (feel free to chime in here if you wish).

    His name is Trey from Aluminum Outfitters.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	post_image2.jpg 
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ID:	361879 This setup was about $800 for both front and rear racks!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	00R0R_4ZRYfjjgAVc_600x450.jpg 
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ID:	361880This setup was about $650 for the rack and $27 off Amazon for each adjustable rod holder.

    Neither of these were anodized. The second one would be about $150 to dip and the big rack would be about $275 ish I believe. The Anodizing gets done in the Rosharon, TX area. If you want it powder coated, that gets done in the shop next to him.

    Business Address is:
    1920 Treble Dr Humble, TX 77338
    Lifetime warranty on the welds!
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    Any idea if he can ship out his work? I've been wanting to get a removable rack and this would be awesome, i have a picture of what I want, just need someone to build it and send it I'll give him a call or maybe an email if he has an email address.

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    What ski is it for? He likes to have the ski there to build to it so that there is no possibility of a non fit situation. Upload a pic of the setup and ski if u have it. I'll talk to him about it. If he is willing to build it, maybe we can find a local ski or hull to use as a mockup and if you can figure out a shipping method u r willing to pay for I dont mind helping him n u out on it. PM me the info.

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    Its an 05 rxt and i wanted to get a removable rack for a 48 gal cooler, identical to this : Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 6.39.17 PM.png 
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ID:	361948

    it'd be a fairly small project compared to the larger pieces he's made for you, but if he's willing to do it, i'm in!

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    Yea, I think it is gonna b tough to do this long distance man. It would require a ski that I have no access to and a cooler that would need to be bought locally and sent with it at a minimum. Pretty tricky for a guy who just does 1-of customs vs. A production rack. Where r u located.

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    No worries, it was worth a shot, I'm in California, not many ski anglers out here

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    Nice setups! I'm just interested in a rear rack for my SUV. Does he still have the measurements from yours to make others from? I'd love to order one. I'm out in California too and the quotes I've had run in the 1000s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boostfed View Post
    No worries, it was worth a shot, I'm in California, not many ski anglers out here
    Which part? I'm in San Diego and would love a skifishin' buddy!

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    I did screw up on the price of the bottom rack. I had originally said $350 plus rod holders..but ai uploaded the wrong pic. The 2nd pic has side-saddle cooler holders as well. For a cantilevered single cooler rack that just holds the blue cooler...that was $350 plus rod holders. The side saddle holders plus a crapload of tiedown eyes was $650 total for this one.

    He doesn't do measurement type stuff on them for permanent record...just one-of custom jobs.

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