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Thread: Oil light help

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    Oil light help

    Will high oil levels set off the oil alarm? The level was between the bends but about 7/8 before it warmed up and after about 5 minutes it went off? Or is it anot her problem...
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    Press set 5 times when the alarm goes off and it will give you a fault code, chances are it needs the rear oil sensor replacing as that's a common fault. But before you do anything you need the fault code.

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    So the code showing is p-1517 I ducked the oil out and now I just get sensor and p-1517 and my vts doesn't work and I have no depth reading... Any help?

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    Yeah that code is campass out of range and it will also stop your vts from working, you need to get the code cleared its the only way. Take it to the dealer and hook it up to buds system or get yourself a candoo and do it yourself.

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    So would the high oil level make the oil light go off still?

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    You need to check your oil level after it is at running temp mate, it will be high before its warmed up as the oil is settled in bottom of the Block. Run it until it's nice and warm then make sure it's on a lever surface or in the water then turn off the motor, wait 30 seconds then check the oil. Chances are it's fine and I between the lines.

    If after you check the oil level correctly you find its low then that would be your reason for getting the oil warning, if your oil is fine then check the rear oil sensor and wiring. Make sure all connectors are connected ( both oil sensor connectors) if your ski is running fine and oil level is fine if first try and replace the rear oil sensor as that is very common in these skis! I had to replace mine when I first bought it as I had a oil message pop up on the display once I started the ski up.

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    I'd hook an oil pressure gauge up verify oil pressure then replace the rear sensor mine was doing the same first start to unload through sensor code then fine rest of day replaced rear sensor no problems now

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    Where is the location to tie in another oil pressure gauge

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    I pulled a plug on the base oil filter housing it worked great

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    How do you replace the oil pressure regulator and other oil pressure sensors?
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