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    Purchased 6, Yes 6, 2007 250X Ultras With Low Hours, Need Advise / Ideas

    I found a deal on 6 2007 Kawa 250x Ultras from the same owner. These were bought for a High $$$ corporate weekend outing first in salt water then inland fresh water later in the summer. They have sat on double trailers with factory covers in the sun since last used in 2009. All were serviced / winterized by dealer before stored in a public storage facility. I have paperwork that verifies that fact with matching hours on service tickets. Below are some facts on them and where I am at this point.

    1. Hours meters show 2, 3, 4, 7, 11, and 12.
    2. They were not ridden by experienced riders based on dings and bumps on them, or left overnight in docks tied up for some minor wave damage. Above the rub rails the finish is really nice with a couple of exceptions noted earlier.
    3. 5 of 6 started and ran on trailer after installing new batteries and replacing fuel with 93 Octane No Ethanol fuel. The one with 12 hours is locked up, not supercharger or pump based on early findings. 3 engine compartments look absolutely showroom new, the other 3 look like they got wet and have some bolt corrosion and spotting on aluminum parts. I have not put them on the water yet, that comes next week I hope.
    4. Some barnacle removal was necessary along with lots of buffing areas that sun turned the black hulls gray in some places.
    5. I have purchased $2500 in parts like meter shields broken, center console lids missing, faded rub rail inserts, torn mats, new side decals, AGM batteries and tires for trailers etc. 1 new reverse cable is ordered from a frozen situation that will not free up.

    Here is where I need some advise. I have read extensively about early 250X horrors but have also heard about some units ridden responsibly and not modded running 200+ hours with no issues. I have a personal 08 Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO, and 04 SeaDoo RXP. My questions are below, your comments and any advise that might be helpful are appreciated.

    1. Sell all or keep the best 2 and do all the mods needed.
    2. What preventive mods should I do to them to sell, or just advise buyers do the pump upgrade and frequent oil changes. If I do upgrade the pumps, who has the best kits and price.
    3. With low hours like these will they bring close to high book value? I am a high volume Ebay seller of mechanical equipment parts so that will probably be my marketing method. I refuse to hide defects and do not want to screw anyone due to my perfect selling reputation and fixing items that obviously need attention.
    4. Where do I go / not go on the locked up one? I would love to put a Kawa certified tech on retainer for the next month or so for a few phone call questions and discussions.

    Thanks in advance, this is my first post. Thanks for all I have learned already from your input!

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    Wow! That's incredible!

    You ask some very difficult questions. Sorry, I can't really tell you what to do, but here are my thoughts.

    1. Sell or keep is up to you.

    2. Mods? I wouldn't do any mods to 'Skis I planned to sell. You can spend a lot of money going that route. Just tell the buyer that some mods are highly recommended (I'm not up on the 4-strokes myself).

    3. No idea what they'll bring, but this is the time to sell.

    4. Fixing a seized engine can get very expensive quickly. I'd sell it as is, or part it out.

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    Sell them all and but 2 low hrs 300x skies.


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    The lure was probably too great to pass this deal up (I get that). But I do have some concerns: The biggest one is that these Skis all sat around for a loooong time without being run. Even properly winterized, that's a long time. These things are not designed to sit around idle that long (once they have been in the water).

    All of your Skis need the Pump Bearing upgrade and the 2010 260 Head, before these Skis touch the water again.

    I would either Flip the whole deal or do what was suggested in Post #3. JB

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