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    Can't decide RXP vs Ultra 150!....

    OK here is my situation, I just bought a new left over RXT 2006 I take delivery of in a few weeks, the dealer also has a new left over RXP.... I paid 9100 for the RXT and can get the RXP for the same price. My second ski is a 2003 Ultra 150 with solas prop, sponsons, shredmaster etc that I do really love! Anway I am considering asking the dealer, what would it cost me $$$ plus my Ultra 150 (low hours and in great shape, runs perfect!) + my single bandit trailer in perfect condition for the RXP (no trailer)!

    I was hoping they may consider $4100.00 cash plus my ski and trailer?
    Or maybe $4500 and my ski and trailer but allow me to swap back to my stock solas and back to stock ride plate etc.... then can sell those on my own?

    any advice would be great...... just curious..... may just hang onto the 150 as again I really like it but want to at least look at this scenerio...

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    Ultra Vs 150

    you will throw rocks at the ultra once you ride the Rxp or RXt

    no comparison get the Rxp

    i have a friend who went from Ultra 150 to Honda Turbo then to Rxp
    so i have ridden them all.

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    swap the parts back to the 150, sell them privately...

    negotiate the RXP down a few bucks cuz technically it costs less than an RXT...

    Ultra plus $4000, out the door...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny View Post
    swap the parts back to the 150, sell them privately...

    negotiate the RXP down a few bucks cuz technically it costs less than an RXT...

    Ultra plus $4000, out the door...


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    Here I go bucking the tide again!
    The Ultra had some handling issues stock but it seems as if you have taken care of them and make it one heck of a machine.
    An RXP is a great machine and in some ways it is superior to an Ultra, but it does have some negatives in comparison as well. One thing I'm seeing is you are taking a machine that is paid for and paying a premium of thousands of dollars to trade for another. Only you can decide if the advantages of the RXP are worth that sort of premium. You've got to REALLY like one over the other alot to do that.
    Personal opinion (we all got em) I MIGHT trade an Ultra (with mods) for an RXP even steven as the pros and cons can be toss ups. Of course that could never happen, sooo...

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    Ultra 150!!!

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    Trade to the dealer???? They will want your ski plus $6,000, I would be willing to bet.

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    Dealer wont give you chit for it. If you have an rxt and love the 150, keep it. Otherwise sell it private and get what you want.

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