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    2004 Polaris Virage I Starts intermittently but won't run

    I have a 2004 Virage I that I just can't seem to get figured out. Sometimes I can go out and it will start right up and other times it will just keep cranking and never fires. When it does start up, it'll bog down and die when you try to rev it up. I think the bogging down sounds like bad reeds potentially but also sometimes when you are cranking it and it doesn't start it'll give you a little bit of a backfire. I had the engine rebuilt probably 10 hours or so ago, and it was a complete rebuild from the crank up so I am worried that its a internal engine problem (timing way off?) and not bad reeds. Any tips or easy things to check would be greatly appreciated.

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    This is a fuel injected two cylinder engine, correct?

    Backfire on a Ficht fuel injected engine would be either a bad EMM or the flywheel timing is incorrect. The flywheel has a woodruff key that may have sheared or not been reinstalled when the engine was rebuilt.

    You can check the timing. Position the MAG piston at top dead center and remove the CPS sensor from the top of the flywheel housing. If the flywheel is correctly indexed there should be three encoder ribs visible directly below the CPS sensor (going from memory on this).

    It is not unusual for the EMM to need repair as they get older. There are a few electronic components inside that degrade with age.

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