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Thread: 95 750 zxi

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    95 750 zxi

    so just bought the ski and charged the battery and started cranking........ low and behold seemed like mixed gas was coming out of cylinder 1. is this possible? what would cause this? how hard is it to rebuild this motor? would it be as simple as just new piston and rings! or would it need to be honed or possibly bored? I am mechanicly inept! so any help would be much appreciated!

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    welcome to the forum.
    Gas coming out of cyl 1? exactly where from?
    We are a long way away from advising what parts your engine may need, more info required.
    If you are mechanically inept, my advise is dont jump to conclusion, try and post exactly what you did (even if its embarrassing) , that way you stand a good chance that someone here will be able to help you

    Step 1 if the ski wont start is to go to your local auto sore, buy a compression tester, remove the plugs, charge the battery
    Test each cylinder with the throttle wide open with all other plugs out. General rule of thumb, under 100psi and it needs attention

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    given the fuel situation, make SURE the spark plug caps are grounded if you opt to do a compression test.

    put some fresh plugs in and try to crank it up.

    we'll need history on this ski for more advice.

    ever see it run?

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    thanks for the welcoming!

    the guy I bought the ski from said it was running fine! then bogged down was able to limp back to dock........and has not fired it up since.
    the leak is coming straight out of the spark plug on cylinder 1. I havent changed the plug yet. will do with a compression check this afternoon. thanks for the responses. will update with findings later........

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    sound like plug is just loose

    If its been run with a loose plug for too long the thread in the head may be stuffed

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    compression check 150/0

    2nd cylinder has zero compression. and no fuel passing through the filter...... is this because the lack of compression? or is cause the fuel pump is wasted as well? how hard is it to do a top end on the 750? what is the best way to tell if you need to hone or bore the cylinder?

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    Normally the fuel filter doesn't have a lot of fuel in it. If the pulse hose goes to that cylinder (I don't remember), that could affect the fuel pump.

    The first thing to do with low/no compression is pull the head and take a look. Most likely you've got some scoring on the cylinder if you have no compression. Take pics of the piston/cylinder and post them and we can give you a better idea of what needs to be done.

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