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    2009 Kawasaki Ultra 260X Supercharged Jet Ski

    Gotta let the green meanie go - ebay link here 84.m1555.l2649

    Hit me up with any questions....

    Shes gone to a good home.....
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    Just curious but what kind of money did you get for it?

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    Just south of $5000, I think my ebay sale would have went over $5200 as I had a over 2300 views and over 200 watchers in just three days of the listing - but a local buyer showed up with cash so I went with it. Was in a hurry to sell as I wanted a Yamaha and the incentives are supposed to end at the end of June.

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    I'm trying to sell my 09 ultra 260 with trailer ski cover and full riva kit but I can't figure out how to do it could u please help me my email is

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    My cell number is 917-853-7230 I know it's asking a lot but I really could use some advise I just can't seem to figure out how to post the add thank u again

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    You need to have a certain amount of posts to be entered into being able to post in the classifieds. I think its about 25 posts? I don't know off hand.


    New Members

    New members are not allowed to create new posts in the classifieds areas.

    Access is earned by participation in the forums, that is, making contributory posts or replies...NOT one word posts like "+1" "agreed" "nice".

    After you have the required number of posts (25) and 2 weeks have passed your account will automatically upgrade. We cannot make exceptions to this rule.

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    I think he gave you the answer, if not let me know....

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