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    2003 Honda Aquatrax R12X dropped valve

    Need advice, had my R12X taken to the honda dealer for a tank recall and an F1 warning light. They replaced the tank
    and the knock sensor and another sensor not sure which one. They took my ski for test ride was working fine for 10-15 minutes,
    then the guy said it lost power and blew white smoke with rattling coming from the engine. They tested compression 3 cylinders ok one had no compression. He
    said the engine dropped a valve. Is it even worth fixing this ski? Ski only has 60 hours

    Update dealer took apart engine, they said piston detonation was the problem. They say it needs a new piston, head needs to be bored and all new gaskets. Any idea how much this will all cost?
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    What is the ski worth to you?
    Its anywhere from a $500 -$2000 fix just depending on what is damaged.

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