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    Riva XXX2 Supercharger Injectors?

    Hi, I have a 2008 seadoo RXT-X and currently have a riva XXX supercharger that I was going to put in it. I just found out that riva came out with a new charger, the XXX2 that puts out even more boost than the XXX.. I'm thinking of selling my XXX and getting the XXX2, cause I want as much power as possible.. lol.. I have the hull completely reinforced, so too much power wont be a problem, if their is such a thing.. lol.. My question is, I've read that the XXX2 requires 100lbs injectors to run.. I looked them up, and the only ones I can find are from riva and they say they are for the icontrol motors. Do they even make 100lbs injectors for my model?

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    If you want as much power as possible...go turbo!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riko View Post
    If you want as much power as possible...go turbo!!
    Yea, lol... I want as much power as possible with a supercharger though.. Maybe someday I'll go with a turbo, when I've got an extra 6k+ to spend. Lol...

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    Et70-145 or 3rude are the two biggest chargers you can buy for a Seadoo, I saw 18psi @8800rpm with et70-145.

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    vtech 1100 injectors will plug in with out any adapters
    and they are not as big as 100 lbs (1050cc) but will be a good choice

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