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    2000 Seadoo GTX RI no signs of life at all

    Hi can someone help me out here? I have a 2000 Gtx Rfi and there's no power when I attach the dess key. No beeps, nothing. The service manual says to hit the start button without the key in place and it should light up the dash for 33 seconds, but nothing there either. When I arc out the started solenoid it cranks fine. I have checked what I can based on the wiring diagrams and got the following results...

    All fuses are good on mpem and in back E-box
    Pin 3-24 from mpem has ground
    Pin 3-26 from mpem has power 12.52 volts
    Start stop switch has 12.52 volts on both wires...switching it on and off makes no difference still power to both.

    I'm at a loss here. I'm assuming the mpem is shot but not sure if there's a definitive test to tell, other than going to a dealer.
    Long story short I picked it up for $400 with trailer from a local welder that did some work for a guy as a trade. The welder said last year it cranked fine with the key but wouldn't kick over. I have no reason to doubt the guy, he seemed honest enough, and for $400 I can't imagine bs-ing anyone.
    I saw no evidence of rodents or anything like that so I'm assuming all wires are intact. I'm wondering if it is a bad mpem is there any way to get it running even if I have to bypass the dash?

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    Sounds like someone jump started it from a car/truck with it running and fried the mpem... #1 way these get fried. Pick up an ebay unit with a matching key and it might try to start, but you will need someone with candoo or buds to set the TPS in order to make it run correctly. A total fuel system clean will have to happen too since it sat that long.

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    check the connections at the MPEM. those little pins corrode and you get a bad connection. also check your grounds at the motor. youll have to download a manual so you know which pins to check for power and ground on a MPEM. Its a PIA but it beats buying an MPEM for no reason

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